No You’re Not Better Than Me

Somewhere in my personal development, I found an insecurity of sorts that has taken over my life. It’s this desire and need to be better than everybody. I don’t know how it started or why maybe from being the youngest child of four, maybe it’s just the fact that I am better than everyone. I think that’s it. Since I figured out this “flaw” I found it more and more consuming. It’s not that I can’t accept that there are people who are better than me at certain things, I can. But if I know that for a fact, the first thing I do is find something at which I’m better than them. Like I don’t play soccer so pretty much anybody that has had a day of soccer training is bound to be better than me. That’s all fine and good but I’m probably smarter than them. Or prettier. Or more popular. And it will take me a second to figure that out right after I meet you. To deal with this insecurity I’ve replaced it with an absolute truth. I’m better than everybody. By accepting this truth, I avoid a lot of problems inferior people have. I don’t have self esteem issues, I rarely get depressed anymore, I have the confidence of a lion. I think everyone should have this attitude we would cut down on a lot of problems with self harm and suicide. I would never kill myself I love myself way too much. It’s like why does everyone love beyoncé? Because we all believe she is the best. I hardly ever listen to her music but I still worship her and you probably do. She created herself as “Queen B” and everybody buys into it. Everyone needs to do that for themselves. Love yourself.


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