Keep Fighting

There have been endless amounts of times in my life where giving up looked like my only way out. In fact, there are many times I have given up, but generally they were all minor things. What I want you all to hear is this: don’t give up. Everything you might be going through or living is temporary no matter what it is. So you might as well put on your big girl panties and deal with it.

You might say, “But Kamaron! I’m terminally ill!” Hello? You’re still alive aren’t you?! You can’t give up even when you’re dying because giving up means you’re dead. Naturally, we are not the ones who decide when we are going to die- no matter what you believe. So if you find out you are currently dying (which in reality we all are), why would you quit then? Whoever decides our time to go has said “It’s not your time to go,” so don’t make him regret it.
Which brings me to the question of suicide. Let me speak freely: I think suicide is the most selfish, weakest thing a human being can do. I understand depression. I even understand clinical depression. But to think that your life is so much harder than the rest of us that you feel like you need to put your family and friends through hell is beyond me. There is always help available to you. No one understands you, I get it. But if you’re thinking about pulling the trigger, think about someone besides yourself.
Don’t give up. This world has so much to offer. I get hard times. I get feeling trapped by a situation, but listen: there are better situations. I’m not gonna tell you to think about kids starving in Africa and how you have it so much better than them because I don’t think that’s helpful. But think about all the different places in this world- the different opportunities surrounding you. Nothing is so imprisoning that you cannot figure out some way to change it. Just don’t give up it makes you look bad.
Be real.