Animal Wrongs

Trigger warning: I’m about to talk about animals and my views are very human.

Let me just be frank: I don’t think animals have rights. I don’t. I think the fact that it is a crime punishable by jail time if someone wants to buy dogs and train them to fight each other. I don’t think it’s right and people should do it, but if you pay money for a dog, it’s your dog. Do with it what you please.

I know, I know. I’m a heartless animal-hating wench. But let’s get serious here. We, humans, are the dominant species. We use animals to survive. We do sometimes abuse animals, and again, it’s not right or a good thing to do, but it is not the worst thing like some people make it out to be. I know it’s old news, but Michael Vick became like this blasphemer for dogfighting, and was it really that big of a deal? Honestly they made a bigger deal out of that than the Ray Rice situation. You cannot tell me that’s okay.

Don’t even get me started on vegans and vegetarians. Like if you do it because you have to or for health reasons, fine, but if you’re doing it because you feel bad for the animals, stop. We raise these animals to kill them. It’s not like we’re hunting them down to extinction (in most cases) and killing them off for profit. They know basically from the day they’re born that they were brought into this world to serve a human. Actually they don’t know, because their minds aren’t developed like ours. Sorry ’bout it.

Honestly it pretty much comes down to the fact that I hate how people get so upset and up in arms about things that are dismal compared to big problems in the world. I have a very soft spot for elephants. I really do. I love them with most of my tiny black heart. I hate that poaching is still a huge problem. It sickens me. However, if it comes down to donating to a charity to help elephants and helping a charity that helps humans in danger, like slavery or refugee camps, I’m going to help the humans.

I know we need all the animals here in order to sustain our ecosystem. I get it. They are important. but I am saying maybe take it down a notch or 10. Your golden retriever is not more important than any child on this planet. He’s just not.



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