Leave Disney Princesses Alone!

While we’re on the subject of body shaming, can we talk about Disney Princesses?

Yes. The secret is out. Cinderella, Aurora, Snow White, all unrealistic bodies that would not support human life in the real world. But that’s the thing- they don’t exist in the real world. These are cartoon characters.

Why is it such a crime that all the princesses are skinny? Would I hate a plus-sized princess? No, but I don’t think it’s necessary. I keep seeing articles about people getting all up in arms because these characters have “unrealistic body standards.” My question is: whose standards are you holding yourselves or other people to? I know that there is this idea of ideal beauty in most of society’s mind that includes a slim waist. However, I do not for a second believe that that standard comes from cartoons. And I certainly do not believe they are furthering that standard.

Proportions are funny. Like for most of us not great artists when we’re asked to draw a face and we draw it with the eyes where the forehead should be and the nose in the true center of a perfectly circular face. I think a lot of us don’t understand how the actual proportions of our bodies work. But it’s not like we freak out if a person’s nose is in the exact center of the face. I don’t know if this is making sense.

I know the people at Disney have probably taken a few drawing classes, so they actually do understand proportions, and just choose to mess them up. But that doesn’t mean ill-proportioned bodies are becoming an expectation for our young girls. I think little girls want to look like Cinderella, yes, but not because her neck is the same size as her waist; it’s because she’s a freakin princess.

The point is, I don’t think women and girls look to cartoons for body inspiration. I think they do look at celebrities, I do it myself. And I’m not saying all celebrities should be a certain size in order to make girls feel comfortable. I think we’re getting past idolizing the anorexic look, and forgive me if I’m wrong. If we need better “role models” for our bodies (which in reality, we don’t need them at all) then we need more representation in live action movies. And even then, how about we just stop comparing ourselves to people who are on camera for a living. I know, easier said than done, but it’s the only solution.

Anyway, forget about cartoons. It’s not their fault we’re a messed up society.

Sorry this was a word vomit of a post.



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