Die Young

I am writing this tonight following the tragic death of actor Paul Walker of “Fast and the Furious” fame. I want to start by saying I have never seen any of those movies but may he rest in peace and his and the other passenger’s family and friends are in my prayers.

So whenever something like this happens- a famous person dies suddenly and the whole world seems to react. People tweet, Facebook, Instagram, whatever else just to express condolences and our own sadness. Then there’s always this other group of people who freak out because everyone “cares” when someone famous dies but no one thinks about the other million people that died that day- most of the time these people are talking about soldiers, but in general they’re pissed. Can I just say, calm down.
Let’s look at the facts. Apparently about 155,000 people die every day. Today, one of those people happened to be a famous actor. Is it fair that 1 person out of the 155,000 got thousands of tweets about him? No. But is that to say none of the other 149,999 people got their respects paid? No.
What I’m trying to get across is that when someone famous dies everyone reacts because they have a connection to him or at least they feel like they do. Of course most of the people reacting don’t know him on a personal level, but in a way he was a part of their lives. We don’t tweet about every single person who dies because we don’t know they’re dying and we have no connection to them. Yes it is very sad. But we can’t spend our days crying for the thousands of people that die everyday. If you’re related to all those people yes then by all means mourn, but since you don’t, be thankful and be respectful for those who are related to them.
Think about what you’re saying. No it’s not fair that te men and women dying for our country don’t get all this attention when they die, but would they want it? Being famous is kind of a choice. If you want the world to cry for your death you have to be someone everyone wants to pay attention to. But even if this still angers you, do not disrespect the loss of a famous person. They’re still people with the same loved ones as the soldiers. Does this make sense? Just realize what you’re saying, and please just let people rest in peace.

Keep Fighting

There have been endless amounts of times in my life where giving up looked like my only way out. In fact, there are many times I have given up, but generally they were all minor things. What I want you all to hear is this: don’t give up. Everything you might be going through or living is temporary no matter what it is. So you might as well put on your big girl panties and deal with it.

You might say, “But Kamaron! I’m terminally ill!” Hello? You’re still alive aren’t you?! You can’t give up even when you’re dying because giving up means you’re dead. Naturally, we are not the ones who decide when we are going to die- no matter what you believe. So if you find out you are currently dying (which in reality we all are), why would you quit then? Whoever decides our time to go has said “It’s not your time to go,” so don’t make him regret it.
Which brings me to the question of suicide. Let me speak freely: I think suicide is the most selfish, weakest thing a human being can do. I understand depression. I even understand clinical depression. But to think that your life is so much harder than the rest of us that you feel like you need to put your family and friends through hell is beyond me. There is always help available to you. No one understands you, I get it. But if you’re thinking about pulling the trigger, think about someone besides yourself.
Don’t give up. This world has so much to offer. I get hard times. I get feeling trapped by a situation, but listen: there are better situations. I’m not gonna tell you to think about kids starving in Africa and how you have it so much better than them because I don’t think that’s helpful. But think about all the different places in this world- the different opportunities surrounding you. Nothing is so imprisoning that you cannot figure out some way to change it. Just don’t give up it makes you look bad.
Be real.

No You’re Not Better Than Me

Somewhere in my personal development, I found an insecurity of sorts that has taken over my life. It’s this desire and need to be better than everybody. I don’t know how it started or why maybe from being the youngest child of four, maybe it’s just the fact that I am better than everyone. I think that’s it. Since I figured out this “flaw” I found it more and more consuming. It’s not that I can’t accept that there are people who are better than me at certain things, I can. But if I know that for a fact, the first thing I do is find something at which I’m better than them. Like I don’t play soccer so pretty much anybody that has had a day of soccer training is bound to be better than me. That’s all fine and good but I’m probably smarter than them. Or prettier. Or more popular. And it will take me a second to figure that out right after I meet you. To deal with this insecurity I’ve replaced it with an absolute truth. I’m better than everybody. By accepting this truth, I avoid a lot of problems inferior people have. I don’t have self esteem issues, I rarely get depressed anymore, I have the confidence of a lion. I think everyone should have this attitude we would cut down on a lot of problems with self harm and suicide. I would never kill myself I love myself way too much. It’s like why does everyone love beyoncĂ©? Because we all believe she is the best. I hardly ever listen to her music but I still worship her and you probably do. She created herself as “Queen B” and everybody buys into it. Everyone needs to do that for themselves. Love yourself.


The Beginning of The End: An Introduction to My Life, MY Story, My Blog

Tonight is the eve of the first day of my senior year. This summer marked my transition into adulthood as I had my first 9-5 job, drove myself around, and regretted spending so much money when I have bills to pay. All I can say is what a long, strange trip it’s been. Everything I’ve heard about senior year from TV and movies is that it’s supposed to be the best year of your life, and you have fun and do no school work. My question is: when exactly does that start happening? Junior year was hell. I feel like I did no work freshman and sophomore year and junior year I did the work of all those years combined. And now it’s senior year, and I should be relaxing, but here I am freaking out about all the different things I have to worry about. Job, money, college, SATs, GPAs, it’s too much. My favorite part is all the people that say things like, “Oh I know you’re probably tired of hearing it but what are your plans for college?” Like, if you know I’m tired of hearing that question why would you ask it? I have my answer perfectly memorized, “Oh I’m looking at x school for y program in z-town.” And their generic answers just as perfectly rehearsed: “Oh that’s great, good for you! What a great school!” Well, I haven’t gotten in yet. I have about 8 trillion things to do and a million people nagging me about it so, if you’ll let me be on my way…

This is such a weird phase of life. My emotions are caught up in this whirlwind of fear and excitement and worry, and I don’t really know what to do with them. So here I am, starting a blog about it. This blog isn’t really going to be about school, that, I suppose, will play into it, but I’m really here to share my thoughts, opinions, and life stories. My thoughts are mostly offensive, and my opinions are normally unpopular, but if you’re not afraid of either of those things, you’ve come to the right place. I think I’m funny, and some other people think I’m funny, so maybe the internet will think I’m funny too. I’m at this point in my life where I am never too concerned with offending people because I love myself and people need to be able to take a joke. If you can take a joke, please continue keeping up with me and my blog, and I will try to keep this updated as much as possible. As you can tell, I’m gonna be a little busy the next few months.

Love me!